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“ I consider ballet a great art. Man life’s entire variety, richness of his moral experiences can be expressed in it. Ballet evokes love to the beautiful, and its music should be of a high quality, able to visibly narrate about the events taking place at the stage…”
Aram Khachaturian.

Aram Khachaturian is author of the worldwide known ballets “Gayane” and “Spartacus”. The creation of them not only raised Armenian national ballet to the world level, but also noticeably enriched the treasure house of the world musical-dramatic art. The themes and melodies from “Gayane” and “Spartacus” have not lost their extraordinary freshness, brilliance and vitality up to now, deeply penetrating into the conscience and hearts of music amateurs, and winning a broader audience of new generations. It is no accident that the “Sabre Dance” from “Gayane” ballet takes up one of the first places in the list of the most popular musical compositions of our time.
Here are the author’s words about it.
“ There is one disobedient and noisy baby in my musical family – it’s the ‘Sabre Dance’ from the ballet ‘Gayane’. To be quite candid about it, if I had known that it would become so popular and begin to push away other my other work, I would have never written it. Somewhere abroad I am advertised as ‘Mr. Sabredance’. That even gets me angry. I make it unfair…”