“First of all, I demand from my students an initiative. I would rather excuse one’s technical mistakes, than the absence of their own thoughts. No pedagogue can give what music, musical practice, life can give… The more impressions of life an individual has, the more creative ideas are born, and the more interesting and substantial is their realization.”
Aram Khachaturian

In 1950, Aram Khachaturian started his pedagogical activity, first in Gnesin Institute, and then in Moscow Conservatory. By then, he was already a mature composer, author of many famous compositions and had incontestable authority.
Despite differences of capabilities of students, Aram Ilyich loved them all. Khachaturian had an unusual pedagogical feeling, which gave him an opportunity to duly develop individuality and originality of each student. It’s not accidental, that there was no student who changed his profession and didn’t become a composer. Among the students of Khachaturian, there are famous composers of various styles and trends.

Among the most distinguished of them are:

Andrei Eshpai – a Soviet composer and pianist. Within the period of 1953-1956, he was a post-graduate student of Aram Khachaturian. People’s Artist of the USSR, member of UNESCO International Music Council. Author of a number of compositions: symphonies, concertos, ballets, as well as music for plays of drama theatres and films.
Edgar Hovanessian – an Armenian composer, People’s Artist of Armenia. In 1957, he finished his post-graduate studies led by A. Khachaturian at Moscow Conservatory. In his creative work, the inclination to lyrics and epic was introduced. The author of ballets, cantatas, concertos, compositions for chorus, music for drama plays, and film music.
Eduard Khaghaghortyan – an Armenian composer, Honored Worker of Art of Russia. In 1965, he finished his post-graduate sdudies led by A. Khachaturian at Moscow Conservatory. Author of children’s operas, ballets, symphonies, concertos, chamber instrumental ensembles.
Mikael Tariverdiev – a Soviet composer. In 1957, he graduated from Gnesin Music and Pedagogical Institute, composition class of Khachaturian. The main sphere of creative work: chamber music, music for plays and films. His songs and romances are widely known.
Tolib Shahidi – a Tajik composer. In 1972, he graduated Khachaturian’s class at Moscow Conservatory. In his creative work, he stressed upon national coloring. The author of ballets and symphonic compositions.
Aleksei Rybnikov – a Russian composer. In 1967, led by Khachaturian, he graduated from Moscow Conservatory. Author of operas, musicals, concertos. The name of A. Rybnikov is closely related to Soviet cinematography. His music contributed to popularity of many feature films.

The following students of A. I. Khachaturian have also achieved great creative success: B. Trotsyuk, P. Belyi, R. Boiko, K. Volkov, M. Minkov, Anatol Vieru (Romania), Lopes Martin Horhe (Cuba), Nobuo Terahara (Japan), etc.