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Khachaturian has narrated: “In 1934, as soon as separate pieces of music to play “Macbeth” were ready, I send them to Yerevan. Nothing has left from that music with me. The only letter of principal director of the theater and producer A. Gulakian has left with assigned points to each item by 5-points system. There was 20 items in total. I can’t remember now if there was a “3” point, it might be one, but in general “4” and “5” points”.
Everything was on the contrary in 1955, when I composed a music to performance directed by Konstantin Zubov in Maliy Theatre. I was already a relatively mature composer. Moreover, I was lucky. I had a chance to visit England, Stratfort-upon-Avon, the town Shakespeare was born and lived in. And at last, I had a chance to see “Macbeth” in London, at famous “Old Vic” theatre. Enriched by these impressions, I returned to Moscow and started to compose music…”